Better Beer Imports was born for love of beer and need for flavour.

Established in 2007 we import and distribute the best in N.Z craft beer shipped cold and stored cold.

Importer and distributor of damn fine craft beer to Australia.

Epic, 8 Wired, Liberty Brewing, Bridge Rd Brewers & Hop Federation Brewery


YES INDEED - there is a lot of goodness available at the moment, heres the long and short of it...

KEGS, KEGS, KEGS _ all 50 L stainless steel

Bridge Rd Aussie ale

Bridge Rd Chestnut Pilsner

Bridge Rd Beechworth Pale

Bridge Rd Celtic Red

Bridge Rd Bling IPA

Bridge Rd Saison

Bridge Rd Biere de Garde

Bridge Rd "God Save the Lager" Imperial Pilsner 7.5%- Amazing body with an expertly hidden abv

Bridge Rd India Saison 7% Fresh batch of the popular collab with Nogne O

Bridge Rd single hop Galaxy IPA 5.2% Fresh hoppy batch of the Galactic goodness

Bridge Rd Scrumpy Cider 7.3% Strong scrumpy with body and finesse

Emersons Kashmir Imperial Chili Pilsner 7% A twist on the original Emersons Pilsner, higher abv with a touch of chilli

Emersons Bookbinder 3.6% A new world twist on an English bitter

Emersons Birddog IPA 5.5% Brewers Reserve named after an album from kiwi band called the "Verlaines" - one of breweries favourite albums

Epic "unfiltered" Armageddon 6.66% I have been hassling Luke for ages to send over some unfiltered Armageddon and now here it is, beware though shes cloudy and full of hop residue !!

Epic Zythos- 6% Brewed with a new American blend of hops called "Zythos" - reminds me of a new Marvel comic superhero with special "hop powers"

8 Wired Haywired 4.6% 50% Wheat ale but no Hefe of Wit... akin to a hoppy American wheat brewed with falconers flight & Riwaka...Mmmmm Mangoes & Lemon !!

8 Wired C4 Double Coffee Brown 8.7% Brewed with NZ C4 coffee, smooth malty goodness that goes on & on....

8 Wired Hopwired IPA 7.3% Kiwi hop bomb

8 Wired Rewired Brown - 5.7% Roasty Brown ale, hoppy for style, perfect for this weather

8 Wired Big Smoke - 6.2% Porter brewed with German smoke malt

Tuatara Dbl APA 10.5% WOW !!! HOPS, HOPS, HOPS, HOPS, HOPS.... The ultimate tag team of American & NZ hops.. over achievement in a glass


Bridge Rd single hop Galaxy IPA 24 x 330ml

Bridge Rd single hop Summer IPA 24 x 330ml

Bridge Rd Harvest IPA 24 x 330ml

Bridge Rd/Nogne O India Saison 24 x 330ml

Emerson's Taieri George 2012 6.8% An exquisite spiced ale, brewed with the addition of three spices and organic clover honey. Cinnamon and nutmeg notes are evident in the aroma and on the palette, the overall flavour combination is like drinking liquid hot-cross buns !! Only released annually this beer is vintage dated and designed to cellar. 69 cases made it to Australia, we have 14 left available

Nogne O/Renaissance/8 Wired - "0 for Awesome" Imperial Amber 9% A bit of a Ménage à trois so to speak between 8 Wired, Renaissance & Nogne- O, its an Imperial Amber ale inspired by the flagship beers from each brewery ( Hopwired IPA, Stonecutter Scotch & Nogne 100 ) Its called "O for AWESOME" as a piss take of when boxer David Tua made kiwi folklore with this moment on NZ celebrity Wheel of Fortune "O for Awesome" comes in cases of 12 x 500ml

Epic Barrel aged IPA 7% 12 x 500ml Armageddon IPA aged in American Oak barrels for 5 months then blended with fresh Armageddon to ensure hoppiness and oak character are in balance

8 Wired "Fresh" Hopwired IPA 7.3% A wet hop version of the Hopwired bursting with fresh hop flavour heres a link to Sorens brew blog